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It is an old saying that "Too much of anything is bad". Same has happened with Kota, Jaipur, Delhi & other big centres of education. Yes, Kota was the first & most recognized centre for JEE and pre-medical preparation in entire India, the situation is very different now. Around 2 Lacs of student’s study in Kota and only fraction of them get selected. The reason is, each coaching has tens of thousands of students. Forget about founders, even for management or teachers, it is difficult to have personal attention or one on one discussion with students to understand their strength, weakness and steps to improve their learning. At GANESH IIT CLASSES, we understand that each student has different talent level and they should be groomed keeping in that mind. We give personalized attention to each individual and our counselling process make it quite easy for students to understand their needs. We would encourage you to visit our institute and see for yourself how it is different from others.